Avon Grove Boys Lacrosse

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Avon Grove Lacrosse
Code of Conduct

1.    No more than 3 coaches on the sidelines of a game.

a.    No coach, parent or player from another Avon Grove team is allowed on the teams sideline during a game except in emergency situations or if asked to operate a game clock or keep score.


2.    Coaches will not yell or demean (mentally or physically) a player at any point during a game or practice.

a.    Please do not confuse talking loudly during a game for instruction purposes with screaming and demeaning players. There is a difference.


3.    Taunting, making fun or saying anything disrespectful to a ref, opposing player, team or teammate will not be tolerated.

a.    First offense is a warning.

b.    Second, he will be removed from the game and will be given a 1 game suspension.

c.    1 Game suspension will increase 1 game with each additional offense.


4.    Only a designated head coach may interact with a referee and opposing coaches.

a.    If a parent/sibling/fan is abusive to a ref, coach or player on either team, that person will be asked to leave the game.

b.    For second offenses, the person will be banned for the remainder of the season.

c.    Refusal to cooperate will cause the dismissal of the/your player.


5.    If a coach feels that if at any time our players are in danger, for any reason including referee control, the coach will forfeit the game and remove the players immediately from the field.


6.    The coaching staff will strive to have each child play at least 2 positions during the season. Younger players at the U8 and U10 level should be exposed to practice and game situations across the entire field, while coaches may begin phasing in more specialized positioning by the U14 level.

a.    If a player is strong at attack, he must also play defense or midfield where he can work on his defense.

b.    A defenseman needs to also play attack or midfield throughout the season.


7.    Given a strong commitment to the practice schedule and game schedule, each child shall receive equal playing time.

a.    We will always strive to have the lowest number of players possible on each team to make sure we maximize playing time each year.

b.    Players playing other sports or having weekly conflicts must notify the coaches as soon as possible. 3 day advance notice is required for missing a game. This will give the coaches time to find a replacement player for the game missed.

c.    Missed practices must be e-mailed or called in to the designated team rep with as much notice as possible. Any practice missed or tardiness must be communicated by your son when possible.


8.    Parents will be asked to volunteer for a variety of scheduled things throughout the season.

a.     Please make an effort to help out when asked. Schedules will follow shortly.


9.    Coach – Player issues.

a.    Your son is growing up and needs to begin to learn to communicate with adults as well as other children. We would appreciate if the player communicated any on field issues with the coach twice before a parent gets involved. If your son feels he has not progressed, you may make the next call/conversation

b.    If you feel that there is a strong personal problem with a coach or feel there is something inappropriate going on, use the “Feedback” form on the home page if it is something that can’t be resolved between you and the coach.  Do not submit within 48 hours as per our policy, unless the behavior could possibly result in harm or is of an immediate nature.


10. Negative Energy – Please remember that this is a VOLUNTEER organization:

a.    Negative energy on the sideline takes away from the overall enjoyment of everyone’s experience.

b.    AGL is about developing lacrosse player’s skills and confidence in a fun environment, not about winning at all costs.

c.    We would appreciate if comments that are negative in any way are kept to yourself not shared with others on the sidelines or off the field. Again, if there are any issues, we ask that your son attempts to take care of it with the staff twice when the issue calls for it before you contact us.

d.    If there are any issues you feel need to be addressed between adults, you will have contact numbers for the coaches. No negative energy allowed.

e.    Repeat offenders will be subject to being banned from practices/games and could lead to your son being suspended for games.


11. Practice…Boys must be dressed and ready to begin practice at the designated time. Tardiness must be communicated to the appropriate coach.


12. Games….Boys must be at games dressed and ready to begin warm-ups ½ hour before the game begins. Advance tardiness must be communicated to the appropriate coach.


13. Please support our sponsors. 


14. Please check the website for schedules, updates. We will try and communicate most things via e-mail, but you must begin to rely on the website.  www.Avongrovelacrosse.org