Avon Grove Boys Lacrosse

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Tips For Attackmen

1.       Make your defenseman play you and you alone every second you are in the game. Keep moving all the time so that he must center his attention on you.

2.       In moving the ball around the circle, make all passes sharp, short, overhand, and to the outside, away from the defense man.

3.       Make feeds and passes crisp and overhand.

4.       When you have the ball, never stand still - keep moving all the time – change speed and direction - but keep moving.

5.       Always move to meet every pass, and circle away from your defense man.

6.       When you have the ball, think about faking passes –it will keep your defense man's stick moving and delay slides on you.

7.       When in possession of ball, make the defense man play your stick - watch his stick - the position of it will determine the direction of your feed and the type of dodge you might try.

8.       Never make a pass to a man who is covered just to get rid of the ball.

9.       If an attack man is being ridden hard and can't dodge or get away - the nearest man on each side goes to help him.

10.    On all long shots, the closest attacker(s) should crash the crease for a rebound.  

11.    On every screen shot the crease man should check-up on the defense man's stick, and immediately face the goalie, so that he is ready to bat in a rebound.

12.    Be aware of all your options when receiving a pass. Give and gos and off ball cuts may be open right away. Time off ball cuts in a manner in which you anticipate where the next pass is going to time your cut.

13.    If you receive a pass after cutting and haven't got a good shot, pull it out, do not force the bad shot.

14.    Place all shots in an open spot. Just do not wind up and shoot. Usually a high stick should shoot the ball low. Off stick side at the hips is another good location to try and aim. Shoot hard and finish your shot with your bottom hand ending on your top hand’s elbow. This will ‘dial’ your shot to the location aimed at.

15.    After picking up a loose ball, look to move your feet to the net if possible forcing someone to play you. While moving to net, quickly look at all your passing option. If under pressure on the loose ball, always look to move it quickly to an open man and have him make the play.

16.    Don't dodge if there is an open man. Don't hold the ball long unless you are planning a dodge. Keep it moving with quick, short passes.

17.    Always be in position to back up shots and feeds. When a cut is made, or a shot is taken, the whole attack must play a part, moving to be in a position to backup a pass or a shot. Control the ball!

18.    Never stand so close together that one man can cover two attack men.

19.    When there is a loose ball on the ground, go after it fast and hard, you must have the ball!

20.    Always keep your field balanced in order that you stay in better position to back up, and give your teammates space to work in.

21.    Shoot plenty, but only if you have a high % shot.

22.    Always have one man behind the goal or moving behind the goal to back up shots.

23.    Time your cuts, don't cut if the man with the ball is not watching or not in position to pass.

24.    Make full cuts - go through and out - don't cut at half speed or hang around the crease after your cut.

25.    Zig your cuts, fake left - go right, fake right - go left. Don't always run at the same speed, changing speed and direction is a very effective method of getting open.

26.    After the ball has been cleared, if you have a wide open opportunity to dodge, do it, or if you are sure a man is open, pass to him, otherwise settle the ball down and let your attack get set up. Remember, after a clear the wimpy midfielders will need time to catch their breath. Middies rest on offense, not defense, Control The Ball!

27.    Every man on the attack should try at least two dodges every game. Learn at least three different types of dodges. All dodges should incorporate change of hands, speed and/or direction.

28.    When you lose the ball, ride it. The close attack must ride and ride hard until the ball is past midfield.

29.    Don't rush at a man when riding - particularly behind the goal. Force him to pass - force him in the direction where there is help. Talk all the time and run hard. The success of an attack depends on their riding ability and their desire to have the ball.

30.    Always remember that teamwork is the key to a good attack.

31.    Attack should never be lined up on the midfield line waiting for the ball. You will never be able to set up a fast break properly. Set up on your restraining line and know that you can always move to midfield if the defense needs help clearing the ball or there is a ball overthrown to your half of the field. Make sure you are set up for every fast break opportunity! No excuses for not being in position for easy goals!

32.    Know your defender. Is he big or small? Fast or slow? Does he drop step or come at you? Does he time his stick checks or wait and throw only a few? Always try and notice where his stick head is at all times.

33.    Know your goalies. As soon as he steps on the field, take noitice if he is a lefty or righty? This will tell you what hip to shoot off (off stick side hip) or what low corner to shoot at (off stick side corner). Is his stick position up or to the side when waiting for a shot? If he holds a high stick most of the time, try not to shoot high.

34.    Remember when you signed up to play attack, you signed up to take a beating by the defense. Rarely do you get a chance to give back what you are taking. There is never an excuse for taking penalties when you play attack! Take the beating and enjoy your goals and assists.